Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Atkins Breakfast Ideas - Low Carb

10 Atkins Breakfast Ideas - Low Carb
10 Atkins Breakfast Ideas
Looking to go on a low carb or Atkins diet? Here are 10 great ideas for breakfasts, to start each day in a delicious way!

1. Omelet
This is the classic. Start with the Basic Omelet Recipe. Add in whatever you enjoy - ham, turkey, broccoli, tomatoes, cheese, and more.

2. Other Egg Dishes
Have them scrambled, have them fried, have them over easy, have them hard boiled.

3. Sausage, Steak and Bacon
Atkins only recommends bacon once a week, or you can have sausage or steak with your breakfast meal. You can have these as a side to your eggs, or as a meal on its own. One of my favorite traditional meals in Ireland was eggs, sausage, and Roma tomato circles, all fried in the same pan.

4. A Bowl of Berries
Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are all low in carbs and incredibly high in antioxidants. Read more about Berries and Antioxidants to discover just how good they are for you.

5. Sliced Salmon
I still remember a trip to Alaska where we awoke at the B&B to a delicious meal of fresh salmon. That's a diet staple in many parts of the world. Those Omega oils are vital for your health, and Fish Eating helps Lower Alzheimer's Risk

6. Low Carb Waffles & Pancakes
I've tried the low carb waffle/pancake mix from Atkins and it's actually pretty tasty. This is a plan ahead thing of course, you have to have the mix handy. But if you do, with some Splenda-flavored syrup, it's a delicious treat.

7. Low Carb Cereal
The Hi-Lo low carb cereal can be had with some soy milk if you really crave a cereal start to your morning. Add in some strawberries and sprinkle Splenda on top for a good beginning to your day.

8. Crustless Quiche
If you've got a little more time in the morning, or want a special breakfast, a quiche might be just the thing. Just like an omelet you can customize your quiche to have your favorite meats or vegetables in it.

9. Any Other Low Carb Favorite
One of the liberating things about a low carb diet is that you don't have to eat certain things at certain times. You just eat low carb, whatever you want. So think outside the box. Why not have some ratatoille for breakfast? How about a can of tuna with olive oil and capers? Why not slice up some cheese and eat it on the back porch, watching the birds gather for the morning? The more you keep your diet varied and interesting, the more of a lifestyle it will become.

10. Low Carb Shakes
Finally, if you just want something quick, there are always the low carb shakes. I used to really hate diet shakes, but they have made amazing progress with the texture and flavor of these things. We use 2 of them regularly - Atkins and EAS - and both are simply delicious. Atkins is more like a chocolate shake while EAS is like a chocolate milk. Really tasty, quick, and filling.